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Hey Muddling Marketer...

Still agonizing over your ad copy?

Stop...Wasting...TIME.  Enjoy 

More Leads and Better Conversions NOW

(Without adding another body to the payroll). 

If you’re anything like my best clients’re pretty damn sharp.  

But You’re Stuck.

You know your business better than anyone - but still end up staring at a blank page when it comes to writing your own sales and marketing materials. 

It’s like you have to reinvent the wheel every time you sit down at the keyboard.  Where to begin with all of this research?  How do I hit this magical, moving target with a perfectly crafted message?

You can’t get moving.  Instead you’re stressed out, burnin’ daylight when you could be emailing a crisp pitch to your prospects.   

And You’re Uncertain.

You’re not sure why your previous offers have had mixed results.   Did we...

Not have a specific enough customer avatar? 

How do I make one?

Not use enough “power words”?  

What are those? 

Split-test enough headlines? 

I didn’t know I was supposed to do that. 

Not write to the correct “formula”

Which one should I use?

Position your offer correctly enough in the market?  


The result…

A feeling of doubt in the pit of your stomach every time you are about to launch a new campaign...this dread uncertainty.  

And then...

A feeling of disappointment when the results aren’t what you expected.   

But It’s not your fault. 

You’ve written some of your own ads in-house...with mixed results.  But you’re not a writer (you shouldn’t have to be).  And this type of writing seems so different (it is).  

You didn’t sign up for this. 

Just one more annoying task that takes your attention away from the core activities that drive your business.    You can’t be expected to know how to do everything - and even if you could, it wouldn’t be efficient.  You’re supposed to work on your business, not in your business, right? 

Maybe there’s a better way…???

You know what it would mean to your company to get more leads and better conversions.

You have have a budget and would be willing to spend IF you  knew who to trust  and could feel reasonably assured of a positive outcome.  

BUT you don’t want to hire on another full-time employee...


You stop trying to handle this key area of your business all by yourself...and offload the problem to an expert?  

How would that feel?  

The relief of knowing that your messaging was finally “on point.”  The satisfaction of finally being able to focus your full attention where it belongs - on making your product or service the very best it can be

I bet that would feel pretty good...right?  

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